Blogging Guidelines

As a teacher considering using a blog in your classroom, download and review the Teacher and Student Blogging Guidelines and Responsibilities before creating your site. It will help you understand the ramifications of blogging in the classroom with students.

If you are setting up a classroom blog where you intend for students to comment and/or post or individual student blogs, it is best practice to inform parents of the activity. We have created a Sample Student Blogging Guidelines Form (Check under “Downloads” for English and Spanish versions). We encourage that you send it home for parent approval before students comment and post on a classroom blog or use their individual blog.

If you plan to use a variety of Web 2.0 tools including blogs, wikis and social communities, select the Sample Student Online Communities Guidelines Form (Check under “Downloads” for English and Spanish versions).

One of the benefits of using this MySBISD WordPress site is that you can create user accounts for your students so they can contribute on a classroom blog without having a personal blog and without them having to sign up for an account.

If you want student to have individual student blogs,  students can create a blog (just as you did) using their email address. However, students will need parental permission to use their email address as they will need to verify their account. Check to ensure that parental permission for student email has been given in Skyward. AND, once your students create their blogs, it is your responsibility as the teacher to follow and read their blogs.


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